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Period Cramps

Most girls and women will feel some change in the body before, during, or after their periods. When the blood lining is released out of the body, the abdomen area will squeeze that causing stomach pangs or cramps. Many girls also experience backache, headache, or weakness. But it is fairly normal and part of the process.  If you are experience severe cramps, which interfaces your daily activities, and accompanied by heavy bleeding or clotting, visit your gynecologist immediately, as the pain may be associated with severe other health conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, etc.

I don’t recommend girls to pop pills each time they get period pains. A hot water bag kept over the stomach or aching area helps soothe the pain. Cramps relief roll-on may also help reduce the pain. Stay at home and rest for a day or two. Keep yourself hydrated. You can manage the typical period cramps with Mahinsure’s cramp relief roll-on.

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