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Mahinsure Eco-friendly Bamboo Fibre Sanitary Pads

Why Mahinsure Eco-friendly Bamboo Fibre Sanitary Pads?

Mahinsure Organic Bamboo Fibre Sanitary Pad has antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic, natural deodorizer, and super-absorbent qualities and is free from synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Therefore, the pad is naturally soft, incredibly absorbent, and leak-proof.

Choosing Mahinsure bamboo fibre sanitary pads keeps your vagina free from itches, rashes, and any kind of infection while providing super comfort as they are free from toxic chemicals. Another advantage of using these sanitary pads is that you get a better flow of air because of which the trapped heat and moisture get evaporated. Because these natural pads are made with natural components, they are more comfortable to wear.

You are well aware that a single plastic sanitary napkin carries two grams of non-biodegradable plastic, and a significant amount of non-biodegradable plastic is added to landfills each month, and it takes about 800 years to decompose. Mahinsure pads are natural and free from synthetic chemicals and will biodegrade and decompose in 152 days of disposal. As part of saving the earth from all kinds of pollution for our future generations, we must opt for an eco-friendly sanitary pad.

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